It is now possible to officially join Mercenary's new fan community, 'The Black Brigade'.

(Scroll down to find 'Add to Cart' buttons and enroll right now!)

What does membership of The Black Brigade entail?

- Members get a numbered Mercenary/Black Brigade silver dog tag (preview here), only available for Black Brigade Members.
- Members get a Mercenary wristband (preview here).
- Members get exclusive access to special limited Black Brigade merchandise in the future.
- Members get a permanent 10 % discount in the webshop on
- Members get exclusive access to a closed Black Brigade Facebook group together with the members of Mercenary.
We will be happy to share fun and odd stuff and discuss ideas and info with a close-knit and open-minded group of fans.
- And who knows? Maybe we will add more perks as we think of them. Got suggestions? E-mail them to us or join up and give us your suggestion in the Black Brigade Facebook Group!

Please note:
- Please reference your name and dogtag-number in future merchandise orders in order to receive the 10 % discount from our webshop. The 10 % discount will not be valid on other special deals, bundle-offers or special 'Black Brigade only' merchandise items.
- When you sign up, please let us know if you want an invitation to the closed Facebook group for The Black Brigade and in what name (exact). Please send a e-mail or write it in a comment with your merchandise order.

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Join The Black Brigade!

35 Euro (+5 Euro Shipping)

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View Wristband

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Join The Black Brigade
T-shirt/Girlie Offer

45 Euro (+8 Euro Shipping)

The same deal as the basic package,
but with a Black Brigade T-shirt or Girlie for just 10 Euro extra.
T-shirt / Girlie size: