If you have a question which is not answered below, please send an email to info [ at ] mercenary.dk

Q: When I want to check out, Paypal's checkout process is in Danish. Can you change this to English?

We are aware of the problem. We have set the default language to English, but Paypal's own country auto-detection algorithms overrides this and mistakenly set the language to Danish sometimes. We are trying to fix this, but meanwhile you can change this manually by changed the characters "/DK/" in the html-address to "/EN/". Thanks for your patience.

Q: Which areas do you ship to?

A: Everywhere in the world.

Q: I don't have a PayPal account. Can I pay with a credit card?

A: Yes, PayPal allows you to pay with a credit card. Simply follow the instructions when you check out.

Q: Do the prices in the webshop include shipping and taxes?

A: The prices include 25% Value Added Tax in accordance with Danish law. The costs for shipping are added when you proceed to checkout. We do this to make sure that you pay an amount matching your actual purchase, neither more or less. (One exception - if you buy for 50 € or more, we only charge 20 € for shipping regardless of actual costs.) The prices for shipping are based on this table:

Price Ranges

Shipping costs

€0.01 EUR – €24.99 € 6.00 EUR
€25.00 EUR – €34.99 € 10.00 EUR
€35.00 EUR – €49.99 € 15.00 EUR
€50.00 EUR – and up € 20.00 EUR

An additional sales tax of 10% is added on the total value of items and shipping for all countries outside of Europe. This is solely to adjust the cost for shipping in order to match the actual expenses of shipping the items to you. Please note that depending on where you live, your local tax authorities may choose to add an import tax.

Q: My country doesn't use Euros. What will I be charged?

A: Paypal or your bank (depending on your method of payment) will charge you according to current rates of exchange. We have no influence or control in this matter.

Q: I've just placed an order. When can I expect it to arrive?

A: We ship items once a week (no regular day). Shipping will typically take one or two days in Denmark, two to four days for the rest of Europe and four to six days plus domestic delivery for the rest of the world.

Q: I placed an order. Can you provide a tracking number?

A: For normal shipments we cannot provide a tracking number. This is simply to reduce your expenses for the shipping. However, under "Special Items" in our webshop you can add a 'tracking number' to your shopping cart as a regular item. If you do that, we will send your order as a recommended letter/parcel with a tracking number, which we will then provide you per e-mail as soon as we have shipped your item. The price of this service is only to cover the actual expenses for this form for shipping.

Q: I just placed an order, but want to have a refund. Is that possible?

A: You can get a full refund as long as we have not shipped your item(s) yet. However, if we have already shipped your order, we will deduct the expenses for shipping it. You will also have to return it to us at your own expense first (send to: Mercenary, Hvorupgårdvej 12, 9400 Nørresundby, Denmark). CDs and LPs are only fully refunded if in mint condition and still wrapped in plastic. Please send a mail to info [ at ] mercenary.dk describing with details of your purchase: Refunds will only be made to paypal accounts.

Q: I received my order, and the size of shirts doesn't fit. Can I change it for another size?

A: Yes, simply ship the item(s) to: Mercenary, Hvorupgårdvej 12, 9400 Nørresundby, Denmark, along with information about what size you prefer instead. Please include your address and contact info (e-mail) and the details of your purchase. Please note that we have to charge a fee of 5 to 20 € to cover the expense of shipping the new item back to you, depending on the size of the item and where you live. This will have to paid in advance as a regular paypal transfer to info [ a t ] mercenary.dk

Q: I received my order, but received the wrong item(s). What do I do?

A: Well, it's only human to make errors and even we sometimes f*ck up. Simply return the item(s) to: Mercenary, Hvorupgårdvej 12, 9400 Nørresundby, Denmark, along with the details of your order and what you received. Please include your address and contact info (e-mail), as well as info on the costs you had in returning your items, which we will then refund. Upon receiving the item, we will then ship you the correct item at no extra cost.

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